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Welcome To Tuttys Turkeys

Welcome To Tuttys Turkeys

Tuttys Turkeys LogoWelcome to the Tuttys Turkeys website. Over the past 12 years the popularity of our FREE RANGE turkeys has grown and grown and we now find ourselves trying to give our customers alternative ways to contact us and find out information about our FREE RANGE turkeys.

Our website will provide you all the information and contact details you need to order you turkey to complete the perfect christmas dinner.


order nowWe are now taking orders for our great tasting Norfolk Bronze Free Range Turkeys.

Turkeys are priced per kg at £11.80 per kg up to a maximum price of £125.

Minimum Charge £60

Turkey Crowns are available at rates as above, plus £10 flat rate.

Note. The whole bird is supplied but cut up as a crown.

To place your order please complete our online form by clicking here or contact Matt on 07919 280536 or matt.tutt@hotmail.co.uk.

Free Range Norfolk Bronze Turkeys

Norfolk Bronze TurkeysOur Quality Norfolk Bronze Turkeys are FREE RANGE and have access to a paddock. They are fed on a mixture of concentrated pellets, locally grown cereals and apples. Our turkeys are all homegrown and reared to the highest standard. All of our turkeys are hand plucked and prepared fresh for the oven.

Norfolk Bronze’s are a traditional bird that matures slowly resulting in a tastier more succulent meat.

To read more about our free range turkeys click here.