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Our Turkeys

Ready to eat
At Tuttys Turkeys we value the traditional methods of farming in everything we do. Our turkeys are fed in a certain way and kept in good clean conditions to provide you with that perfect turkey for your christmas dinner.

We have explained below how we prepare the turkeys. After the turkeys have been humanely slaughtered and plucked they are always kept in refrigerated conditions at a chilled temperature of approximatly 3 degrees.

Turkey Preperation

Stage One

12 hours before the turkeys are humanely slaughtered they are offered just water.

Stage Two

The turkeys are then plucked using a dry plucking machine and then finished by hand.

Stage Three

All of the turkeys are then hung in refrigerated conditions for 2-3 weeks to allow the meat to flavour.

Stage Four

During the final week before collection, the turkeys are prepared for the oven in our approved prep room. They are also weighed at this point along with the giblets.

All of our turkeys are supplied with the giblets.

On collection of your turkey, we invite you to join us for a glass of mulled wine or sloe gin along with mince pies and christmas carols to get us all in the festive mood.